Are You Having The Sickle Cell Conversation?

Our society is full of conversation. Everyday we are bombarded with messages and discussions about the world around us. During these conversations we uncover interesting facts about our own thoughts and opinions as well as the lives, thoughts, and opinions of others involved in these conversations. The best conversations are those that we feel are worth having because of what they produce. Talking about sickle cell disease is definitely a conversation worth having.

Not only is this conversation important because it affects so many people around us; it also hold importance because it involves the futures of our friends and family. It is important that we take time out of our lives and have the sickle cell conversation, you never know what you might learn. 

Please pass The awareness

Talking over dinner can seem like the most natural thing to do. We talk about our day, our thoughts and tons of other things. Dinner is also an opportunity to find out what you and your partner know about sickle cell disease and how it has or may affect your plans for the future. 

top off the night with a little Advocacy

Drinks with friends and family can work wonders. The environment allows us to open up and share our deepest thoughts while offering the relief of stress. Sometimes our friends and associates can be affected by sickle cell disease without our knowledge. Take this time of openness to candidly discuss the condition and how your circle of friends is affected. 

Take a load off and talk About SCD

Nothing feels better than plopping down on the couch after a long day and winding down. This time of rest provides the opportunity for a light conversation about sickle cell disease and how you may interact with someone living with the condition each day and not know it.