Sickle cell disease affects about 100,000 Americans, and millions of people abroad. Those who suffer from sickle cell disease do not suffer alone; this disease affects friends, family members, and loved ones. The iConquer campaign is for those who love someone with sickle cell disease and would like to show their support for that person through encouragement and awareness. 

How do you conquer? What do you conquer? Why do you conquer?


Encouraging The Ones We Love

It is utterly important that our friends and loved ones living with sickle cell disease feel supported and understood by their community. As individuals who love someone with sickle cell disease it is our privilege and responsibility to surround with them with words and actions of encouragement when this terrible disease is looking to get the best of them.

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Conquering Is A Daily Task And We Must Aid Those We Love In Doing So

Individuals living with sickle cell disease face challenges everyday! As friends and family of these individuals it is our job to encourage them daily to keep fighting and keep conquering such a debilitating disease! Share how you conquer your own obstacles to encourage sicklers around the world!

5 Ways To Conquer Sickle Cell Disease

There are many ways to support to the people in your life living with sickle cell disease. Checkout the infographic below for some tips on 5 Ways To Conquer Sickle Cell Disease! Download and share with your friends and family today!